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Welcome to YukataHouse!

We love Japanese culture & fashion and we aim to bring in Japanese Yukata and Jinbei at an affordable rate so that you too, can access them easily.

Please feel free to look around our blogshop and approach us if you have any queries!

Our email is


Batch orders will be sent on the following dates. Please confirm your orders with us by:

12 JUNE 2016, 6PM
26 JUNE 2016, 6PM

NOTE: Normal preorders will take 2 - 2.5 weeks to reach Singapore.


Heko Obi, Puchi Obi, Tsukuri Obi


Heko Obi- Made of soft fabric and often decorated with shibori designs.

Puchi Obi- A decorative obi that is placed above your heko obi or pre-tied obi. The material is made of soft organza. (The white soft sash above the heko obi)

Thukuri Obi- A pre-tied obi that comes in two separate parts- one tied ribbon and one long strip that goes around you

Can I tie my yukata without a Tsukuri Obi? 
Yes you can! If you purchase your yukata without a tsukuri obi, don't worry as you can use just the puchi obi or heko obi alone. (You can go around your waist 1-2 rounds and tie a ribbon) 

However, it is advisable to get a tsukuri obi as the obi is harder (unlike heko and puchi, which are soft) and it allows your yukata to stay in place better~ 

Tying the puchi obi or heko obi on your yukata would look like this:

picture credits to immortalgeisha forums.

This is how you tie the puchi obi ~ ^w^

A video if you need more help!

The usage of 2 types of Obi
When you use both the pre-tied obi or heko obi + the puchi obi, it will look prettier and nicer. ^w^~