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Welcome to YukataHouse!

We love Japanese culture & fashion and we aim to bring in Japanese Yukata and Jinbei at an affordable rate so that you too, can access them easily.

Please feel free to look around our blogshop and approach us if you have any queries!

Our email is


Batch orders will be sent on the following dates. Please confirm your orders with us by:

12 JUNE 2016, 6PM
26 JUNE 2016, 6PM

NOTE: Normal preorders will take 2 - 2.5 weeks to reach Singapore.



Welcome to YukataHouse!

About us
YukataHouse is an online shop based in Singapore. We have provided our Japanese clothing to both individual customers and companies.

We started off in 2013, focusing on Traditional Japanese Clothing and specializing in female Yukatas only. In 2014, we expanded by providing male Yukata and Jinbei. 

In YukataHouse, we carry genuine Japanese Yukata & Jinbei* and we specially choose the fabric for certain Yukata designs, making it exclusive for our customers.  

* Most Japanese Yukatas sold in Japan today are made in China using Japanese Fabric. The fabric from Japan is shipped to their tailors in China and to provide you with an affordable price with great quality, we contact the tailors in the manufacturing factory directly instead of going through another party, allowing you to save costs.

We love the Japanese culture and fashion and we aim to bring in Japanese wear for you so that you can access them easily as well.

We hope that you can feel the elegance in a Yukata and the beautiful culture of Japan by wearing the traditional Japanese clothing.

Please fill up the order form in this page and we will contact you shortly  for any enquiries and once confirmed, drop us an email along with the order format which is at the top of each post. 

All prices are nett. The currency is in SGD (Singapore Dollar).

Local payment will be either via Bank Transfer to POSB account (account details will be given to you after we receive the order form) or Cash.

International payment will be via PayPal. Please do take note that there would be an extra (3.4% + $0.50) Agent Charge for transfer of payment via PayPal.

We do ship internationally. Just feel free to email us about it! Our rates will follow the Singapore Post Office rates.